When you consume so much CATS content, it becomes a regular occurance to see the characters in your dreams. Here's some of mine!


I had a dream that Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer wanted to take me to the theatre, but I didn't have a ticket so they decided to sneak me inside using their giant trenchcoat that they were wearing. Mind you, they were BOTH wearing this one trenchcoat in the most suspicious manner possible, not even trying to make it look like they were one person they were obviously both in there. We got in somehow, but every time they usher came around to check on things they had to shove me back in the trenchcoat. I'm entirely sure this dream spouted from watching a bunch of CATS bootlegs where the camera person has to hide their camera when the usher comes around.


I had a dream that I was at Disneyland. There was a movie theater in Disneyland for some reason, and I decided to go see a movie (I'm pretty sure it was CATS 2019 that I was going to see). I had like 30 minutes to kill, so I stopped by this cute little boutique on main street. Bombalurina and Demeter were working there, and I ended up missing my movie because they kept wanting to dress me up in things they thought would look good on me. They were so nice that I woke up upset that they weren't real :(

Others' Dreams:

Joe aka john-stamos-ii on tumblr:

I had either a dream thing or a sleep paralysis thing where 1998 Macavity entered my room and wrote "r/incels" on my wall in what looked like blood


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