Imagine if you will, a time, a place. October 5th, 1998.


You have just finished watching the movie your family rented from Blockbuster. A little film called CATS. It was lifechanging. You rush upstairs and boot up your family's brand new Microsoft Windows computer. When that is finally turned on, you boot up the internet. 15 minutes later, you are on the World Wide Web. You go to angelfire and create your own site, dedicated entirely to CATS. You have now entered-


The CATS fandom was a very different place in the 90's and early 2000s. The 1998 film made the musical more accessible to people, and so an influx of new fans came forth. At this time, personal sites were very popular so many CATS fansites were created. Many of these sites are lost forever, some are still accessible through the wayback machine, and even less are still up in their original form. In order to preserve these sites, I've listed the ones that I've found to be still up. Please keep in mind that many of these sites haven't been touched in up to 20 years, so many parts of them no longer work and some of them are singular pages that inexplicably still work despite the main site being down or having moved. I hope you enjoy clicking through them as much as I do!



Cat Woman's Jellicle Junkyard

A Shrine To Mungojerrie

Cassie and Deme's Jellicle Junkyard

CatAnna's Jellicle Jungle

Demeter's Repose

The Vortex of Infinite Felinity

Birana's Junkyard Junk

Munkustrap Kitty's CATS Layer

The World of Jellicle Cats

Electra's Litte CATS Haven

The Jellicle Kingdom

Electra's Jellicle Realm

CATS About Town

Demeta's Wickerbasket

Fantasia's Corner of the Junkyard

Jellicle Kitty

JestaAriadne's Little CATS Collection

Macavity's Lair

Phelinix's Jellicle Abode

Rumpelteazer's Corner Of The Junkyard

Rum Tum Tugger: A curious beast!

The Feline Muse

The CATS Fan Club

Clepsida's Jellicle Junkyard

The Great Rumpus Cat's Small Basement Flat

The Jellicle Looney Bin

Tugger Jr.'s Page

The Ultimate Mungojerrie

Balurina's Cossie CATalogue

Bombalurina's Alley

Cadamine's CATS Fanatics

Rina the Romantical Cat's Repose

Etcetera's Corner of the Jellicle Junkyard

Fleckenfell's Giant Tire

Jenny's Jellicle Heaven

The Lair of Demeter and Bombalurina

Mistohunny's Domicile

Sootaput's Cats Page

Star Blazer's Jellicle Moon

Taline's Jellicle Hangout

Tugger Girls CATS Haven

Veronikitty's CATS Fanfiction Central

Victoria's Dwelling

Yvelle's Trashbin

Etcetera's Lair

The Jellicle Hideaway

Bombalurina's Jellicle Hangout

DemeterMew's Jellicle Party (WARNING FOR FLASHING)

The Jellicle Star Kingdom

With A Look Of Surprise

Plato's Library

Traj and Kal's RPG Games

Tintirosa's Mystical World Of Jellicles

The Best of the Rest's CATS Site

Broadway CATS ~ Forever in Our Hearts

CATS Tour V - Pictures

The Jellicle Ball's Picture Gallery

Strong and Silent

The CATS Fanlisting

The Marlene Danielle Tribute Page

Marzi's Jellicle Litter

Memories of the Winter Garden Theatre

The Fae Kitty's CATS Page

The Jacob Brent Fan Page

Kittanie's CATS Site

Musical Mania's CATS Page

The Laurie Beechman Website

Jacob Brent Picture of the Week Gallery

The Queens' Corners

Etceterina Cast and Crew

What's A Jellicle Cat?

Thespia's CATS Site

Pixie's Palace

Old tour announcement from Houston Theatre


Know of some sites that are still up that aren't listed here? See a broken link?


You can reach me at victoriagroveteazer@gmail.com!